Friday, August 1, 2014

Already August!

Just where does the time go?
July flew by.  I celebrated my 50th birthday by teaching at Corning!  I got cake twice!  As always, I had the most amazing time at Corning.  It is a magical place. 

There are some things that you must fight to achieve in taming this glass.  Some things just do not come easy.  Currently, I am part way through conquering the following:
Feet - as in birdie feet
Triangle beads - just when you think the next one will go as easy as the last one - think again!  That is one elusive bead.
Handles - as in handles for vessels - having the guts to actually try to stretch out a handle in one fell swoop after spending how long making that bead?  I must be crazy.

Some of these are plain old lousy!  If I do say so myself.  I made a couple of tester beads in this new glass I got - 263 Mou - can't say I am enamored with this colour.  It reacts with ivory, but really strongly so it won't work on fancy beads, but it was great to practice with.  I am a big fan of the practice bead.  Try it.  Do it again.  Tweek it.  I will overcome - like the little engine that could! 

I am determined.  Determined to have the guts to throw that large gather on the rim of my glass and gently stretch it out into a beautiful handle! 

I did make a bead today - a fancy one - and did just that. 
I am looking forward to looking in the kiln - it will be ready in just a few hours!

Birds - I am somewhat obsessed with birds.  Lots of styles to try.  Feet may be the death of me.  But, that determination again.  I recently purchased a GTT Bobcat - Bob and I are going to conquer feet together.  Wish us luck. 

In the background you can see one of the pieces Christa Westbrook and I made recently at Corning.  It is not fully functional, as it jumped off it's punty and got tossed in a kiln.  We learned so much though.  I am hoping to get back there soon to play again. 

My third challenge is triangle beads.  This is one the beads in Corina's book.  It is an old style of bead that can be so amazing.  But it is an elusive little so and so.  I keep thinking, oh I have you and then nope!  There are a bunch of nopes in this bunch.

Lots of challenges and lots of fun.

Took some photos of the July beads - Green this month.  I will share them real soon. 

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