Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Handles on Beads

Well now, that is an idea - put the handles on an actual bead.

Scary it is.  You spend all that time on a bead and then run the risk of messing it all up.

So, these two beads have handles created in different fashions.

This first green bead had two dots placed for the top and bottom of the handles.  Then a series of dots were added, slowly building a bridge.  Once the bridge was formed I used tweezers to squish and adjust my handles.  A fussy, time consuming method that seems less risky.

This August bead was done differently.
I made one dot which marked the top of the handle.  Then I got a large gather of glass good and hot and added to my now glowing hot dot (the handle needs a really good connection or the glass won't be strong).  I admit I tore off my first attempt.  But I still need some practice on just how hot and when to pull etc etc.  So many variables and so little time!

My next challenge is feet - and the rest of the bird too.
I am having fun with the birdies, but I see much - MUCH - room for improvement.
Here is a selection of the recent additions to my flock. 

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