Monday, February 16, 2015

Time is flying again - Arizona - January 2015

Goodness my last post was early December of last year.  Where does the time go?

It is a very cold winter in the Toronto area so far.  But I escaped for 10 days to Arizona recently.

Had the great pleasure of teaching four classes at The Melting Point in beautiful Sedona, Arizona.  The weather was perfect, The studio set up is gorgeous.  Wonderful hosts, Erin and Mike McMillen.  Mike took me out really early one morning in his big red jeep to do some off roading in the beautiful red hills.  I think I was pretty brave about the whole thing - it really is beautiful out there in the hills. 

I also had the best students!  We playing with Tiny Beads, Trees and then two days of Raking and Masking. 

Then I headed south for a few days with family and friends and fossils at the Gem Shows in Tucson.
I LOVE those fossils.

I am already looking forward to teaching at The Melting Point again - I will be returning in May of 2016.