Monday, December 1, 2014

Birds - more birds - really having too much fun here

I have been experimenting with the birdies.
I thought well, what if I try to make a fancy Ottoman bead and turn it into a birdie.
I tried and this is the result.
Ottoman Style Birdie

and here she is from above
You can see the patterning better from above.  She is a cute birdie, but it took forever to make the layered and raked portion for the plumage.  Then I lose and/or distort most of it leaving only a small portion showing.  In the end I really think this little gal may really truly be one of a kind, as I think I am unlikely to try this again.

I have also been thinking about different patterning for the plumage.  This time I made really plain plumage and decorated it with a layered flower.  I like how this little gal turned out.

I am certainly still having fun with the birdies, but I am missing my beads too.  Planning to work out getting two torches available in the studio - the big debate it a Y connection or quick connects.  I am sure either will suffice in the end.  Then I can have my Minor back and still use the Bobcat to make birdies.