Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Late August 2014 - Still working on Birdies

Well, I made a commitment to myself to really try and get these someplace.  At this point I am not sure where this is even going.  Feeling frustrated.  A nasty ear infection (swimmer's ear or an infection of the canal) has got me down and in pain with little concentration.  But enough of my complaining.  I am going to share this bunch of ugly birdies.  Most of them qualify as ugly.  One is so bad I did not even take the poor things picture.  Not all of them even make it to becoming an entire bird.  I have a wee dish or birdie bits.  Not sure what will become of them, but at least they are annealled.

Here are some pictures of the latest bunch.

Here are a couple more pictures.  The little questioning birdie lost a toe, but I am going to give the poor fella new feet.  He really does look rather cute.  And the pair are some of the better looking of the bunch.  I am still committed to this project. 

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