Monday, August 18, 2014

More August Birdies

Could they wear shoes?
Sounded simple - not so simple.
I worked on shoes alone.  Tricky, but I was fairly pleased with the results.  But the effort and skill level needed to create a shoe is one thing - the idea of trying to do that one the end of a leg with a bird attached was something else.

Here are the shoes I made.

I did try one little bird with shoes.  They are more like slippers.  I am not so pleased with either of these dudes.  I think I can do better.  I am thinking that I could make shoes on legs and then attach finished shoes to bird leg.  We shall see - no promises as to when that may happen though. 

I worked on feet and think I have come up with a design that I like how they look and how they function.  Nail polish on toes is really cute and I can't resist.

I am getting better at making the birds.  They have grown since the first batch - this group is much taller than the earlier birds.

I am enjoying this creative process so much.  Feeling a bit birdie addicted, but it is not affecting the rest of my life just yet, so I am not signing up for a twelve-step program right now.  Perhaps in the future I may need some help ;)

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