Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Turning a corner

It is funny the way things happen.

I love making my Ottoman beads.  They are full of details and take a great deal of concentration.  Somedays I just don't have it in me to concentrate quite that hard.  Other days I think why do I want to make another one of those - have I not made enough of them.

Then, there are days when I just want to make them in different colour combinations and continue to tweak them.

Recently I started playing with light hearted creations - novelty glass you may call  it.  I have participated in a local Toronto bead show for many years and was quite surprised to see that her description of my work included those words: Lampwork glass by Amy - beads, pendants, novelty glass  The first time I saw that I was not impressed, but I have always had some quirky items and I suppose it is novel.

Recently I decided that perhaps I could combine the novelty (owls) with the Ottoman.  I started with a squat little shape and began to decorate it as an Ottoman bead - in the end it was really quite nice and I did not have the heart to put eyes or wings on it.  

I had such fun that I made another, and another.  I am still trying to find a good name for these large, intricate, teardrop shaped Ottoman beads - Owl Ottomans? Teardrop Ottomans?  In any case here is a selection of the latest of these beads.

It was a snow day here in Toronto.  I had hoped to have many hours at my torch, but it somehow did not work out that way at all.  I think I have spent the entire day either in the kitchen or here at the computer.  I have a baker's dozen of fresh bagels, which are delicious, if I do say so myself and perhaps Saturday will bring some new Ottoman beads.