Tuesday, May 19, 2015

The Heart Bead Tutorial is finally done

Done.  Really done.  Well, I am sure I could keep on tweaking it.

But it is now available for purchase over on Etsy: 

Heart Bead Tutorial

A beginner’s guide to making beads in general and specifically about making Heart Beads.

I have been teaching introductory lampwork since 2003.  I have had the pleasure of introducing hundreds of women and a few men to the art of lampworking.  Playing with glass for the first time is a stressful and exciting time.  This Heart Bead reinforces many of the introductory techniques that a new beadmaker has just learned.  This Heart Bead Tutorial has grown out of my weekend introductory class.  This is often our first multi step bead and we usually do it on the morning of our second day together.

This tutorial is geared towards the beginning glass artist and contains instructions for many techniques including: pulling a stringer, starting your bead, heat control, dot and stripe application, working with silver wire and silver leaf, squashing, using heat to shape and more. 

This tutorial is a 6.0MB PDF file available for instant download.