Sunday, August 25, 2013

2014 Bead and Button Commemorative Bead Update

I have been working hard.  Purple beads - many, many purple beads.

They have an official name: Purple Lupine Ottoman 

They have an official description too:
This bead is part of my current series of work entitled "Ottoman Beads".  In general my glass work is inspired by many things, including architecture, pottery, textiles and nature to name a few. This current series of work has strong influences from Moorish architecture, ceramics and nature. I am drawn to the recurring motifs of arches, flowers and calligraphy found in Moorish traditions; the flowing lines and intersections of color and pattern in ceramics; and the intricate patterns found in the blossom of a flower.

More specifically, both the purple color and the shapes used in this bead remind me of one of my favorite flowers - Purple Lupines. A truly multicultural species, variations are found all over the world - North and South America, the Arctic, the Andes, Australia, New Zealand and Africa. I have admired lupines growing by the beach in California, in Texas where they are the official state flower, and in Eastern Canada where they grow in an amazing abundance. Every year I try to grow them in my own garden too.

And they form part of an official Artist Statement:

My work is also about footprints. The footprints we leave behind in each and everything we do and say. The footprints of glass that can be manipulated stretched or pushed. Each influences the elements surrounding it. One footprint pushes the next, but never supplants it.  It's a metaphor for living that I try to live up to.

I have had some fun stacking some of the up and taking pictures. 
They are just stacked on top of each other.  There is no glue, no hidden bits of wax, no wires.  Just all stacked (rather precariously) up!  It is a silly thing I like to do with the beads.

I recently hit a milestone of finished beads - 50!
Here are fifty beads in a box!  This was actually taken a few days ago - I hit 80 today!  Some are still in the kiln and some need to be cleaned.  So I have not had a chance to photograph all 80 yet. 

I have been listening to books on tape to help pass the time.  It is helping.  I started my beadmaking adventure by listening to one of my all time favourite books - Clan of the Cave Bear by Jean M. Auel.  I loved that book and have likely read it at least three times since it was first published.  It was fun to listen to on CD as well.  I have also listened to Kim Edwards' newest book, The Lake of Dream (which was great) and The Night Strangers by Chris Bohjalian (spooky! and enjoyable).  Currently, I am listening to Dog On It by Spencer Quinn.  It is a cute book - told by Chet the dog - he and his partner, Bernie Little, are detectives. 

I have been learning all about new technology and apps for getting audiobooks.  There are books on CD and there are books that are just electronic files - it is as if they hardly exist at all.  You can use an app to download them directly from the library - OverDrive and OneClick are connected to local libraries here.  And there is a site where you can purchase books too -  The nice thing about purchasing from Audible is that the books don't automatically return themselves before you are done.