Wednesday, November 5, 2014

The Birdie Saga Continues

So it seems I am still addicted to making birdies.
I have been tossing around some other ideas, but mostly I am making birdies.
Truthfully, life has been pretty busy and there has not been  much time for my torch lately.

There members of the flock were created in the last few weeks.
I am really enjoying the evolution of my birdies.  There have gotten so much better and now I am able to play with some embellishments.

First up are the blue birds of happiness.

Blue Birds of Happiness - October 2014
After these were created I had a small epiphany - what if I could separate the wings?  Flying birdies.

The results are not the prettiest of my birdies - but there are certainly possibilities if the wings can be separated from the body.

The Flyers - October 2014

And the last bunch - Birdies with hats.  I think they turned out pretty cute.  The long necked one is not quite as steady on her feet as I would wish her to be - she will have a wee leg adjustment next time I am on the torch - that should fix her up.
Birdies with hats - October 2014

Earlier this week I made a wee birdie with a flower on her back - she needs legs and annealing before getting her picture taken.

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