Monday, June 28, 2010

Nova Scotia Here We Come

I have been playing with larger hole beads. This is my newest Etsy listing. I have not had any sales there yet, but I am giving it another try. I find it much more difficult to create a smaller bead rather than a long one. Though very long beads are still a great challenge as well.
This morning I started my day by making this bead. It took a full hour and half and it measures 56mm long (which may make it my longest bead ever!). I am still in the heart phase - I think they are so pretty - those wee hearts. Such fun to pull out and see how they evolve as I work the glass.

I am not likely to get time on my torch for a couple of weeks. We are heading out to Nova Scotia for a holiday.
I hope to find beautiful beaches like this one to walk on and take lots of pictures. I have dreams of making some of these pictures into beautiful works of felted art. Perhaps some glass as well, but I am not sure I am trying beaches and trees in the glass just now, but felt . . . well I have this stash of felt just waiting for me upstairs.

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  1. Are you coming to stay at my house?
    Door's open, bedroom's ready