Friday, December 13, 2013

Bead and Button Commemorative Beads

One thing I was certain about from the beginning of this project is that I wanted the last beads to look just like the first beads.  Start to finish - 200 beads - June to December

Here is a photo of the very first beads from the project - the one closest to the camera I rejected - it just did not quite look like the original.

These are some of the very last beads

I will let you decide if you can tell the difference.

Just this past week I completed my 200th Commemorative Bead.  Well, actually the number is a wee bit higher.  There was, of course, the original bead (1), 200 ordered beads, 10 donated beads and two rejects - a total of 213 very similar beads.  Certainly not identical, but close. 

They have been a joy to create and they have been difficult too.   I can hardly believe that I can go down to my studio tomorrow and do whatever I want!  Now, I have to decide what that will be.

The beads have all been cleaned, I just need to pack these puppies up and send them to the Bead and Button Show. 

The Math:
Each bead consists of 112 dots, 48 presses and 64 rakes
Total for 213
23,856 dots
10,224 presses
13,632 rakes

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