Friday, September 23, 2011

Are they Round Ottomans or something new?

Not sure what to call them.
I have loved this shape for quite some time now.  I nice chunky round piece of glass.  Like a big gum ball.  Big enough to have room for a decent design, but  not too big to wear.
I got out some Aurae and some Gaia glass to play with.  Love the colours you can get from that Gaia.  And the Aurae goes golden (as long as I don't over heat it!)

Here is a great group shot of the ends of the beads.
I am having so much fun with these flower motifs.  I still don't wing it and just end up with whatever number of dots fit - that hardly ever works out well for me.  So far these guys are sets of 8 around or sets of 12 around.  Eight gives me more room to play with, but twelve is so full and such a challenge.

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