Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Where does the time go?

I guess I am not really a very good blogger.  My last post was in February and now it is early July!

Spring was busy with the Oasis Bead Show and then my beloved Toronto Bead Society - Bead and Jewellery Fair in May. 

I am still playing with my new style of beads.  They do have a name - Bakbuk beads - Bakbuk is the hebrew word for bottle.  I was making one and thinking about things that it reminded me of and I thought of that old TV show "I Dream of Genie" and the wonderful bottle she lived in.  I think if I were a genie I would like to live in a fancy bottle. 

Here is one of the latest of these beads: I am trying to branch out and play with more colours.  This can be difficult for me.  Each of these beads takes at least an hour, sometimes two, to create.  What if I don't like the colour combination? 

This one is a really pretty bead.  In real life it is very difficult to see the colour differences between the red and the brown.  Though in the photos I could more readily see the two colours.  Sometimes red glass is too brown and other times it is too orange.  Fussy, fussy me is never quite happy with our selections of reds.

I am gearing up to teach at Red Deer College in just under two weeks (I leave in 11 days to be exact!).  I have an almosst full class and a five day plan of beads to make.  It should be tons of fun.  I google-walked around the campus just yesterday and the place looks lovely!  I hope the weather is nice when I am out there.  I am getting really excited. 

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