Saturday, July 16, 2011

Red Deer Here I Come!

I  am teaching at Red Deer College this coming week (July 18-22, 2011).  It is a five day class - five days of straight lampworking, six hours a day!  I think I will be in heaven!

I am hoping to find some personal torch time too!  The studio is open in the evenings, so we shall see if there is some time for me to play too!

I have been having such fun with the newest beads.  The Bakbuks are still lots of fun and I am branching out with colours.

This is the latest bunch - from the last couple weeks of June 2011.  These beads still remain challenging, the third one from the left is unsellable as there are two small cracks near the bottom where it got too cold.  I was experimenting with twirling the lines - I was really liking the fact that the look like wee little flowers but are not quite so predictable.  Anyhow, my attention was focused there and you know what that means - I forgot the rest of the bead for just a little too long.  Ah, well - I will wear it myself.

Birdies are still fun to make.  I have consistently been putting hats on their little heads.  They now look somehow naked without the hat!

This is Grannie Bea.  I think she is staying with me too.  I don't know - something about her is too cute for me to say goodbye just yet.  I had been focusing on brighter colours for the birds - those of you who know me know that I would just use ivory glass in everything - so I was trying to stay away from ivory birdies!  But I think I like this colour for a birdie!  The dots are a fancy tag glass - I am lousy at getting the fantastic colours out of all those silver glass, but some of these dots are a really cool purple.  Of course, they are the dots on the bottom of the bird!

It is nice to be travelling in Canada for a change.  Cell phones being what they are, it is much easier for me to post and keep in touch while I remain in Canada.  I am packing the camera for Red Deer and have every intention of posting pictures in a timely manner.


  1. Hi I love those bakbuks, does the name have a meaning? I hope you come to Australia to teach someday. I can understand why you would not want to part with Grannie Bea, she is so sweet.

  2. Thanks Chris. The beads make me think of a fancy bottle perhaps one a genie would live in. Bakbuk is the Hebrew word for bottle.

    I would love to teach in Australia. Perhaps one day I will receive an invitation.

    I am keeping grannie Bea. She is too cute to say goodbye to.