Wednesday, March 27, 2013

"20 Steps From My Door"

This is a new project started by another lampworker, Nicole Valentine-Rimmer. 

20 Steps From My Door - one photo per week, taken not more than 20 steps from my door.  I decided to make "my door" the side door to the house - this will give me both the front of the house and the backyard!  Lots to look at and give me a different perspective with camera in hand.

This fella lives on my shed.  I purchased him a few years back at the One of Kind Show, here in Toronto.  The artist's name escapes me, but he is from out Kingston way - Westport?  I cannot find him.

So, here is my week one submission:


  1. Love it! This is going to be a lot of fun.

  2. Hello Ann,
    Delighted to meet you this way! Thank you for linking me in your post for this challenge. Looking forward to visiting your blog at my leisure...

  3. So nice♥ to meet you here, thanks to Nicole who added me to her list of Bloggers... I love your 'fella', what is he thinking of? We can use our own imagination ;-)

    Best wishes, Dini